This is the personal website of Þórhildur Sunna Ævarsdóttir  or just Sunna. I am a human rights lawyer, an activist, an investigative journalist and more recently; a politician. The Pirate Party of Iceland is where I´ve found my political home. Therefore, I have announced my bid to run for parliament in the upcoming election here in Iceland. My website contains a selection of my work so far, as well as detailed information regarding my bid for the pre-selection of the Pirate Party before the parliamentarian elections. Most of my writings and works so far are in Icelandic but some have also been in English. Links and excerpts to many of my English works can be found further down this page.

An English version of my manifesto is due shortly.

My education is mainly from the Netherlands. I hold an LLB degree in international and European law and an LLM in international human rights and criminal justice.  I work as a freelance journalist for Kvennabladid.is and Grapevine.is as well as taking on legal or policy research from organisations, companies and individuals. Currently I am working for the mental health alliance here in Iceland (Landssamtökin Geðhjálp) on a project regarding the human rights of persons with mental disabilities.

Contact me via email at sunnago@gmail.com or sunna@piratar.is if you have any questions, a project or a request.

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Magazine Articles

The Undercover Police Chronicles

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Examining the First use of Lethal Force by the Icelandic Police

Examples of Academic Work:

Essay written for LLM Program:

Defamation Ruling the Nation


This paper examines freedom of the press as it is displayed through defamation suits in Iceland, in the light of the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights. It introduces the general legal framework of the freedom of expression, both under Icelandic law and under the European Convention of Human Rights. The central analysis focuses on two recent decisions of the European Court against Iceland for limiting the freedom of the press in sentencing two journalists for defamation. Moreover, it examines a more recent domestic case to determine whether the Icelandic courts have incorporated the instructions of the Strasbourg decisions into their jurisprudence.

LLM Thesis:

DAVID AND GOLIATH: The Position of the Palestinian Minor when Prosecuted by Military Courts for Throwing Stones in the West Bank


This study examines whether the Israeli military court system used to punish Palestinian minors in the West Bank for throwing stones at Israeli citizens, soldiers and their vehicles can be considered doing so on a collective basis.

LLB Thesis:

Iceland: A Rock and a Hard Place -A Case Study of Mohammed Lo and his Application for Asylum


The granting of asylum to refugees is under state discretion, which in turn is restricted by international treaties commanding minimum substantive rights and procedural safeguards for refugees. The purpose of this thesis is to analyse in a detailed case study, whether Icelandic authorities acted lawfully and in accordance with their international obligations in their proceedings against Mohammed Lo, a Mauritanian asylum seeker. For this purpose, Mohammed’s case file will be scrutinized and compared to international legislation concerning Iceland’s obligations towards asylum seekers. In particular, Iceland´s compliance with articles 5 and 13 of the ECHR or the right to liberty and to an effective remedy will be examined in the context of the case file. Furthermore, Iceland´s obligations under the 1951 Refugee Convention will play a pivotal role in the evaluation.